Red Ribbon Week

Red Ribbon Week

Red Ribbon Week will be October 23-31, 2015! Lets get ready because it is going to be a great week this year. More information coming soon. This years theme is "Respect Yourself, Be Drug Free." Link to Red Ribbon Campaign below:

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We will have lots of giveaways during this week, and information about being “Drug Free”. Our themes for the week are listed below:

Monday: Dare to be a HERO!! Wear your favorite superhero shirt.

Tuesday: RED out Day!! Wear as many red items that you can. Each red item counts as one point. The person with the most points from their class will win a prize!

Wednesday: Drugs are Out Dated!! Dress up in  60’s, 70’s, 80’s or 90’s attire!

Thursday: Stay in the Game and Be Drug Free! Wear your favorite sports team jersey, shirt, jacket, and etc.

Friday: Character Day! Dress up as your favorite book character. 


Red Ribbon Week was a Success! Each grade level made hand prints, letting everyone know that they had the POWER to be DRUG FREE!!!The students learned about staying healthy, saying no to drugs, and understanding ways to say drug free. 
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